Atlanta AKC Dog Show, August


Greenville AKC Dog Show, July


Drag Wars Championship

Brother Moto Grand Opening

Brother Moto is a communal garage space for motorcyclists who ride and wrench, but do not have garage space. Of course their grand opening party was an excellent time with drinks, grub, a superb DJ, and the CX500 Scrambler giveaway; of which I sadly did not win. The head count hovered around 400, made up of riders, hipsters, and even the moto-curious.

You can find them at

Atlanta AKC Dog Show, January

Two of our favorite dog shows are in Savannah and Atlanta; the latter being our first exposure to the weird, fun world of confirmation competitions. The Atlanta show happens several times a year, and both our lads were competing this time around. Despite the positively arctic temperatures, quiet Yankees, the sun was out and the weekend was beautiful.